When we work with clients designing their kitchen, it doesn’t stop after installation! Learning cooking tips and new items to try is a life long journey and one we provide weekly! Today we will be posting about unique items from around the world to add to your culinary repitore that we are huge fans of! This week focuses on some unique discoveries from Korea, Chicago and Northfield!

Quite possibly the best balanced sweet BBQ rub from Chicago?

Our hot to stock rub comes from Lillie’s Q’s! Carolina DIrt is a succulent and sweet rub with amazing balance and quite versatile in its use. We love sprinkling this on Amish chicken, shrimp, catfish, mashed potatoes, but we find it to be perfect to heavy coat on Turkey breast skin on! Check out all kinds of fun recipies at Lilliesq.com!

Jelly taken to the next level!

Yakami Orchard Ginger Marmalade. Holy schnikies is this stuff good! Get some crumpets (this product is a revelation as well and puts english muffins to shame.)  Ginger fans will rejoice as Yakami Orchards Ginger Marmalade is hand crafted using only the freshest Ginger Root, Cane Sugar & Honey. Spicy and fresh, Ginger Marmalade is a natural fit for many creations; From exotic cocktails to glazing meat & fish, to cheese boards and dressings. Limited only by your imagination, Yakami Orchards Ginger Marmalade is great addition to any chef’s arsenal. Challenging to find but a great fish house stocks this in Chicago call Fahlstroms FIsh Market at 1258 W Belmont.

Marshmallows Marshmallows, Marshmallows!!!

Three Tarts Bakery, Northfield IL – These marshmallows are delicious and a perfect topper on hot chocolate and our favorite… sweet potatoes! Fluffy with hints of vanilla.

Things never to sacrifice on for quality – vinegar and olive oil. An introduction to exploring a depth of flavors and versatility by using two quality products!

I tell everyone that there are things in life not to skimp on. Vinegar and olive oil are items that will shock you how much flavor dimension is added to your meal by using quality product. They often have a long shelf life as well so why would you sacrifice this in making good food great! Farm fresh foods demand this, and we promise the small investment in buying quality will resonate in any dish you cook! A perfect example of this is Old Town Oils Pear White Balsamic Vinegar. The bright, zesty and refeshing taste of fresh pears is the perfect complement for almost any meal. This white balsamic adds dimension to any salad, depth to macerated berries, and pizzazz to pork. Be generous and creative with this vinegar and you will not be disappointed. Pair with their Meyer lemon olive oil and add this to your tradtional caprese salad or beet salad! Yowza that’s good! Oldtownoil.com or shop at their stores in Evanston and Chicago.