Mise en Place Kitchen Line


Introducing the Mise en Place Kitchen Line

Just to catch everyone up with our new kitchen line to be released as promised…. It’s been a very busy year selling real estate, and as you all know I have a passion for rehabbing and designing homes, we also took Design Your Life Real Estate to the forefront of the kitchen design world by creating the “Mise en Place” Kitchen line!

Having a restaurant and real estate background for 30 years, I took on the challenge to create a new niche in the kitchen marketplace that combines the restaurant and home into one, allowing families and guests to interact and entertain like never before.  A year of research and development went into designing the Mise en Place kitchen line, striving to create home environments that bring family and friends together through cooking.

Researching hundreds of kitchen designs and selling hundreds of homes, we realized that there were many beautiful kitchens out there but the design element of combining the restaurant and home into one, allowing family and friends to gather through cooking was not offered as a true design in the marketplace. The Mise en Place kitchen is the first of its kind in having a functional cooking island line that has work station capability for up to four people, comfortably working side by side. We have created a new kitchen island sink design by having a rectangular prep sink perfectly off center of the island, allowing you to rinse, prep, cook, drain and plate meals for the family without taking multiple steps to drain pastas or vegetables, or losing a valuable center work space as you would with a traditional island / farmhouse sink.  The island design was also created with the chef in mind to serve others in a very interactive / tapas style manner. The island seats four comfortably and converts into a buffet that can hold over 20 large platters. Other unique features, from spice, oil and vinegar drawers, a cookbook library and candlelight lighting built into the cabinets bring the Mise en Place kitchen line to a new level of function for your family.


Our pursuit in creating amazing interactive kitchen environments covers all the bases: visual pantry design approach, old and new world design blending, storage enhancement capabilities, food station layouts, color and lighting combinations, display cases and multipurpose island stations that families will enjoy using together every day. To view our thoughtful, researched and tested design for today’s lifestyles, call Jason at 847-401-1200 to set a private appointment.  Built locally in Evanston through a partnership with Benvenuti and Stein, you will have generational craftsmen bring their skill to the forefront to create environments that bring family and friends together through cooking.