Man caves! Some have their garage, some have their private room in the basement, and some have a pantry! My son said this one day on line and I had a hearty laugh but then I thought about it…. what can be better for the food aficionado to show off their cooking arsenal and prowess than in a pantry? Here are some design tips that will set you up for success in designing a Mise en Place Visual Pantry that will please all in your family!

The first step we carry out through the entire design process is to achieve Mise en Place – which loosely translated means “everything in it’s place”. Understanding this critical design goal will allow enhanced organization, crossover benefits to other areas of the kitchen to work more efficiently, foster creativity in preparing your meals, lessen waste and assist in your restocking and saving while shopping.

Our second concept to incorporate when designing a pantry is to “think visually”. When you shop at the grocery store, you are stimulated to purchase by how items often are displayed. Your pantry should have this same approach! By designing visually, you greatly enhance the pantries function by inspiring cooks with multiple options in planning their meal, knowing where to get items, and most importantly, knowing where to put them back! 

Our third design tip focuses on blocking and layering, to maximize visual stimulation. This can be done by buying pre made steps for the pantry, or completing an easy DIY project by purchasing table leg turning planks and making them yourself! Found at all large hardware stores, these can be cut to size, painted and add a much more finished look to your design.

Our fourth design tip is to create further organization and creative cooking options by grouping items based on regions and categories. Grouping items from Italy, France, Spain, Asia and India makes items easy to find. We also love grouping by oils and vinegars, hot sauces, bbq sauces and rubs, as we cook using these items daily and have a large collection. Buy some paintings and some cool figures (pigs are our choice) as well to run with a theme that stimulates your style of cooking and makes it contagious for others!

I think you will find if you give these design principles a shot and view our picture gallery to get inspired you can find success in your rehab quest!