Spring is just around the corner and we are here to unlock your homes selling potential in Evanston! We offer an amazing range of services that go beyond selling or buying your next home. Experience our attention to detail by visiting our most recent National Landmark restoration project, The Landmark in Evanston. The 2018 market demand for vintage, landmark and historical homes is extremely high, and having a passionate and experienced broker is essential to bring out the most value in your property. We look forward to meeting you at one of our Sunday workshop open houses, or feel free to send us a message on the pop up icon to schedule your private tour of this amazing historical rehab project – The Landmark.

This year we look forward to discussing a wide range of fields to inspire, educate and inform you on everything real estate. Our February workshop open house tour at The Landmark will be focusing on the most important gathering space…the kitchen! Stop by and learn about:

Designing a working kitchen for today’s family

The cost of renovation for cabinets and counters – basic to upper end

A breakdown of labor and materials – electrical, plumbing, drywall, and tiling

Working color combinations / timeless designs that deliver the wow factor

Why invest in quality hinges and hardware

Choosing the right appliances for you and for resale

Electric, gas and duel fuel ranges…use, performance, cost to install and return on investment

Venting and hoods – when and why to invest in installing a vented hood

Custom versus pre fabricated kitchens – a closer look at cost saving versus quality

Should you renovate your kitchen before going to market? A deeper look at your return on investment when selling your home with and without a renovated kitchen.

See you Sunday!