coyote pic

Coyotes are here to stay in the North Shore. Below is an important post from the Village of Northfield that is good to know in any community on how to deal with Coyotes and to protect your family and pets.

The Village occasionally receives complaints regarding coyotes, especially when they encounter a dog or cat. The Village does not provide coyote trapping services but we  work closely with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to monitor this situation.   Experts say coyotes are more aggressive in early spring because they are bearing their young.


To help prevent coyote encounters, residents are encouraged to do the following:

• Do not attempt to feed, pet, or tame a coyote.

• Do not leave small children or pets outside unattended.

• Do not leave pet food or human food in any containers in your yard.

• Keep your pets on a leash when you take them for a walk.

• Store trash in tightly closed containers that cannot tip over.

• Trim ground-level shrubbery to reduce hiding places.

• Pick -up fallen fruit and cover compost piles.

• Install motion-sensitive lighting around the house.

• Do not feed the birds as it attracts other wildlife that coyotes prey upon.

• Fences do not prevent coyotes from entering yards because they either jump over or dig under them.

Coyotes have been in the Northfield area for many years. They are a very adaptable species and their typical diet of raccoon, skunks, opossum, rabbits, mice, ducks, and geese now includes small dogs and cats.   Coyotes have become a part of our environment, it is important that we make an attempt to follow the safety suggestions. Most coyotes are non-aggressive and are just passing through; others are more aggressive and will challenge our pets. If you encounter a coyote that is aggressive toward you or any other person please contact the Nortfield Police Department at 847-446-2131, and we can provide you with information for a private trapper to assist you with the problem.