Before writing my first blog, I wanted to thank all my clients that led me to my “light bulb” moment in creating a website that gives useful information on home improvement and design inspiration in making your residence personalized and all that it can be!

I am passionate about real estate, but equally passionate about being hands on in bringing sources to the table that make homeowners lives easier!  Whether its D-I-Y projects, what’s hot in interior design, to simplifying searches to reveal a great source for your home improvement projects.  The Paramount Group is focused on assisting on everything that makes your home more complete and to share with you our strong sense of community.

Another element of our focus with the Paramount Group will be to highlight all that is The North Shore, Glenview, Evanston, Skokie, Morton Grove and our neighborhoods in Chicago. We look forward to setting the pace on being the source for all your real estate needs with constant updates on what makes where you live great!

We would like to thank everyone for letting us be part of finding or selling your home, and hopefully along the way we make things a little easier in finding your style and making your home improvement solutions all that they can be!

Warmest Regards,

Jason Pietrucha